Choice of tie material


The highest quality ties are cut from three parts. The best ones are made of silk, which with its many varieties (monochromatic, woven patterns, printed) is the most common tie material. Silk ties bind best, they easily revert to their original form when untied, and do not extend near the knot when in use. The interior is important, which should be silk, possibly cotton. The interior has a significant influence on the longevity of the tie and the ease of tying.

Silk tie
Silk tie

There are also wool ties, cashmere, or made of blends of silk with man-made fibers. Connoisseurs also like to wear – especially in winter – ties made of other natural fibers. You can find very nice cashmere ties, wool and fabric combinations, for example, wool – silk, cashmere – wool, wool - linen. The choice of tie fabric also depends on the shirt, you want to wear: yes material, and the cut must match. For example, a wool tie is more suitable for a sports shirt.

The way the tie is arranged and its durability are very important, which depends on the performance. If you don't want to spend a lot of money, Remember, that a silk tie doesn't necessarily look better than a good polyester tie.

Remember that the tag only informs about the visible fabric of the tie, and it is the material inside that gives the weaving volume and form. Even when the lining is pure silk (there is an inscription on the label: 100% silk) does not mean it yet, that the whole tie is made of it. Most often, the tie is lined with a layer of cotton fabric on the inside, which gives it the right thickness and makes it, that the knot goes better. Virtually all ties have a different material lining on the inside than on the outside. The only exception is the tie described below.

The first class of ties is the so-called. „seven-fold”. It's the only tie, which has no lining of another material, because it is foldable, just like the first ties, from a single piece of silk and only sewn at the end. Ties at average prices, which are perfectly handcrafted and have well-made linings, they can't be visually worse.


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