Pattern selection, the color and style of the tie


Ties come in a variety of colors, fashions, patterns. Some are smooth, while others have a distinct material texture. Keep this in mind, that the tie should match the outfit and the occasion.

Dotted tie
Dotted tie

For a patterned shirt, it is better to choose a calm one, one-color tie. In general, the tie should be darker than the shirt in width, matching the lapel of the jacket, i.e.. narrow tie for narrow lapels of a jacket and vice versa.

The quality of the material and patterns are in line with fashion; mostly new colors and materials appear in spring. Try to match different ties to your shirt, which is typical of your wardrobe. This way you can easily change your appearance, by purchasing only one tie, for example, in spring colors.

If you need a neck ornament for a wedding, baptism or funeral, the range of appropriate styles is quite limited (silver or black plastron, black or silver gray tie), and the choice is made relatively easy. Choosing a tie is definitely a bigger problem, to be worn on a daily basis. There are many more possibilities, and you know: the more possibilities, the more difficult the choice, it is not an art to complete several sets of shirts – tie. The trick is to match one tie with several of your shirts or suits, so that you feel well-groomed and stylish every day.

Common tie patterns include small dots, for example, small geometric figures in Ton-in-Ton colors (micromotif); stripes or paisley patterns are also fashionable (also called Turkish in Poland). The motives, however, can pose a certain risk. As long as the tiny flowers will still "pass” too stylish, so much ties with dollar signs or even Disney characters, which many delighted men reach for, fall under the same category, what white tennis socks in combination with shoes for official meetings.


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