A fly for a wedding – which one to choose?


James Bond wore it, Ethan Hunt in "Mission Impossible" and the main characters of the series "Fast and Furious". A suit fly is a synonym for masculinity, elegance and beauty. find out, what kind of bow tie will be the best choice for a wedding.

Apparently "a robe does not decorate a man". A contradiction of this thesis are, for example, men dressed in ceremonial suits. A well-chosen tuxedo, elegant footwear and a bow tie or tie can do the trick, that every man turns into a handsome model, looking like an action movie hero. If you are going to a wedding, compose an outfit consisting of a jacket, suit or tuxedo. Also, don't forget about elegant accessories! Stylish "dot over and" in this type of styling will be fashionable men's flies. For the devil is in the details, truth?

Classic bow ties for the elegant

For the most elegant bow ties smooth and of a uniform color are considered to be. It caught, that the white bow tie is reserved for the tailcoat, and black for a tuxedo. You can go crazy with colors in the case of a suit or looser styling with a shirt and vest in the lead role.

If you want to create a very elegant one looku choose a fly in evening colors - navy blue, dark green, gray or claret. Two-color bow ties are also an interesting idea, where both colors blend harmoniously with each other. However, avoid glaring colors and overly patterned models. Save these types of suggestions for less formal occasions.

Choosing a bow tie for your own wedding, you can choose it to match the color of accessories or the bouquet of your future wife or to the leitmotif of the entire celebration. The most elegant cut, however, will be the reliable black bow tie.

Colorful men's bow ties - for what and for whom?

A black or maroon bow tie is a variant, which will always work, no matter what the suit looks like or the type of party. However, you can afford a bit more fashion extravagance for the wedding of your relatives. A serious suit will "cheer up" original and colorful, and often very surprising models of male flies.

In men's fashion stores you can find a variety of flies - from those with colorful geometric shapes or polka dots, through ethnic and folk patterns, up to illustrations of dogs, flamingos or tractors. A wide selection and originality of patterns can really surprise. So you can choose a bow tie with your suit like this, so that it best reflects your character and relates to your interests. Following this lead: photographer can pick fly in cameras, automotive lover model in small cars, and a fan of superheroes, the one decorated with the Superman symbol.

These types of flies will not work as an addition to a tuxedo, founded on valid (and serious) celebration. However, they will be a designer and interesting accent in a serious outfit. Anyone who likes to break the usual patterns and looks at fashion through rose-colored glasses can wear them.

Wooden flies, that is, small works of art

The history of male flies goes back to Victorian times and their appearance has not changed much since then. They resemble a bow and are usually sewn from universal cotton or exceptionally elegant silk. But how about something unique and breaking all the rules?

The trend has emerged relatively recently wooden flies. Their shape resembles traditional flies, but they are almost entirely made of natural materials. Such a choice will certainly be a very original accessory and will give your styling a unique character.

Like colorful flies, also those made of wood break the stereotype of boring accessories for a suit. Choose this variant primarily if you belong to people, who like to surprise and are always looking for interesting alternatives (also the fashion ones).


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