Choosing a perfume - how to get it right?


Women's and men's - what types of perfumes we distinguish?

There is a belief among many people, that perfumes for men and women always have to be different. And that's partly true, because some types of fragrances evidently smell more masculine or feminine. However, you must know, that there are also universal types of perfumes, which perfectly fit both women's bodies, as well as men. An example of such perfumes are floral fragrancesBlack Vanilla. However, the division is much wider, therefore, it is worth starting your choice by familiarizing yourself with it.

Usually, fruity notes dominate the feminine fragrances, floral, aromas of sweet spices. The male ones are mostly herbal, spicy, leather, wood and, similar to women, floral. Musky notes are also considered universal fragrances, citrus and oriental. Compositions created by combining different notes are also common, np. herbal-oriental or fruit-floral.


What are the types of fragrances?

The scent of the perfume depends on its note. In case ofBlack Vanilla floral notes are dominant, which are perfectly combined with a smaller admixture of fruity notes. The choice of notes available on the market is huge, however, therefore everyone can choose the option that is perfect for themselves. So we present several types of leading notes, which are the most common:

  • flower - e.g.. I cried, rose, carnation and violet magnolia,
  • citrus - bergamot, lemon, orange, mandarin
  • wood - sandalwood, oak moss, cedar
  • oriental - vanilla, incense, cedar
  • leather - from a combination of sharp notes of spices, np. castor oil, etc.),
  • fruity - cherry, peach, pear, Apple

Odors almost never appear alone. Instead, they are combined into even more interesting blends. The ingredients of the perfume are distinguished by the head note, heart note and base note.

What are head notes, heart and base note?

The notes differ from each other primarily in this, that they begin to release after varying intervals of time after applying the perfume. The initial smell is different from this, what we achieve after a long time, when the scent will gain clarity and depth. The head note is released first, therefore it can be felt right after applying it to the skin.

Its action, however, is the shortest, because it usually only covers tens of minutes. Then a heart note becomes felt and lingers on 2/3 hours. The final note is the base note. It starts to be felt at the latest, however, it stays on the skin for up to several hours, depending on the quality of the perfume used.

Mancera Black Vanilla - a perfume for every occasion

People's tastes are very different and that also applies to perfumes. However, there is no doubt about it, thatBlack Vanilla is one of the most universal fragrances. Most of all, it is distinguished by this, that men and women can use it equally. It is characterized by a moderate flowery aroma.

The Mancera brand constantly surprises customers from all over the world with new offers, however, it is Black Vanilla from 2017 year enjoys above-average popularity. Top note is black currant, bergamot, coconut and white peach. The heart notes are violet, Egyptian jasmine and Bulgarian rose, while the base notes are white musk combined with Madagascar vanilla.

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