Men's jackets for every occasion


A jacket is a very universal addition to a men's wardrobe, which can be combined with elegant trousers, as well as classic jeans and sports shoes. A key feature, which determines the degree of formality of the outer garment, there is material, from which it was made, as well as all kinds of details, as: pockets, buttons, blow. In men's fashion, the most popular types of jackets are: sports jackets, suit, tuxedos. The most universal men's casual jackets are made of navy blue or gray materials. They fit almost all styles, go well with both leather shoes, and loafers, sneakers or other sports footwear.

Sports jackets

Sports jackets, which a large selection offers the online storeAll the way down, are universal accessories to your wardrobe, which should be in every men's wardrobe. They are less formal, therefore they are perfect for everyday wear, np. for jeans, trampek and T-shirt. They are most often made of thick fabrics and have a variety of colors and patterns, np.: frog eyes, herringbone or houndstooth. Sports jackets are also characterized by various types of accessories, np.: patches on the elbows, patch pockets or buttons in an intense color. The typical informal blazer is made in a soft knit, it has an open and loose cut and very often does not have a collar. Perfect for everyday styling, both with classic jeans, as well as material trousers or ordinary shorts.

Warm quilted jackets are also very popular among men, which are a great alternative to a classic jacket on colder days. Additionally, they have an original design, creating a loose and fashionable styling every day.

Suit jackets

The suit jacket is part of the suit, that's why it looks best and most elegant with pants from the set, which does not mean, however, that it cannot be worn separately. Classic jackets are available in single-breasted and double-breasted versions. Men's clothing is very often combined with a vest, usually of the same or similar color. The jacket and suit trousers are styling, which is assumed, when we care about elegance and style, therefore it is very often worn by men working in management positions, politicians, officials, lawyers or for business meetings, do an important exam. The jacket can be combined with others, looser pants, however, it will always look better as a coherent piece of the entire suit, chosen in the same color and cut.

Tuxedo jackets

The tuxedo jacket is the most elegant model of a men's jacket, which is worn on special occasions, such as: wedding, award ceremony, great gala. It looks great in combination with trousers made of the same material and perfectly matched to the set, on tall and thin men. The tuxedo jacket has a characteristic slit at the back, two inside pockets, welt front pockets and one breast pocket, on the other hand, buttons are usually covered with satin. The most elegant men's tuxedos are made of black or navy blue fabrics.

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