How to clean white shoes?


White shoes are one of the elements, which perfectly complement casual and smart-casual stylizations. They appear more and more often on Polish streets, especially in the summer. Because when the temperatures rise, white is one of the most adequate colors. Also on footwear.

Unfortunately, this color of shoes also has its drawbacks. One in particular is the most important in this case. Footwear is an element of clothing, which is probably the most exposed to dirt and pollution. A moment of inattention is enough and we will get a stain. Anyway, the use itself will make, that after some time the whiteness of our shoes will become dim, it will turn a bit gray.

It is this problem that dissuades many from the idea of ​​buying white shoes. The practical sense prevails over the aesthetic one and we decide on shoes of a different color. But what if both senses can be combined?

How to care for white shoes?

White is a color, which looks especially good with sports shoes, sneakers or sneakers. Elegant models in such a color, for example brogues or oxfords, they would only make us laugh. Przywoływałyby wyłącznie skojarzenia z latami 30 and Chicago gangsters.

Everyone repeats, that prevention is the most important in everything. Zatem pierwszym jej elementem, about white shoes, the moment of purchase is already here. Let us then pay attention to the material, which the shoes are made of. If we try to combine both senses, a good choice will be those made of smooth grain leather. Certainly, such material is easier to keep clean. Leather is less susceptible to dirt compared to other materials, and the cleaning process itself is also not the most complicated and time-consuming.

If anyone is in doubt, then let's look at white sneakers made of cotton. This material gets dirty much faster, virtually any contact with a contaminated place or substrate may result in a stain. In addition, dirt is absorbed into the structure of such material much faster and more efficiently than in the case of leather. Typically, such contaminants cannot be cleaned in minutes with a wet cloth.

There is really no middle ground here. Some people do not pay attention to it and continue to walk in dirty shoes, but it is definitely not a good idea. Others use various wonderful online recipes, like for example. combination of washing powder and baking powder. Most often, however, footwear ends up in the washing machine. This method is effective, but then we risk damaging the footwear or damaging the connections between parts of the material or between the material and the rubber sole.

How to clean white shoes?

However, let us recognize, that we have white shoes. We saw them in a shop window or in a photo of a fashion blogger and nothing could convince us, that white is difficult to care for. Fortunately, we chose a leather model. So how to handle such shoes? In a way, how to put it, more civilized than baking powder or spinning in a washing machine?

First of all, we need to take the laces off first. It will definitely facilitate the cleaning process, it will also allow you to get to all hard to reach places. Besides, the laces themselves, without any worries, we can wash it in the washing machine.

Then, use a wet cloth or sponge to clean the dirt. To make your life a bit easier, can additionally use white soap. When the white surface looks satisfactory, put the shoes aside until they are dry. When it does, we reach for a toothbrush and toothpaste. This is the best way to clean the edges of the sole of your shoes.

After re-drying, we move on to the last stage of care. Using a cotton cloth, we apply a layer of colorless shoe polish. After a few minutes of application, polish the shoes with the dry part of the said cloth.

White shoes can emphasize our stylizations. Let's not be afraid to use them, because there are ways to care for even such difficult colors.


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