Nicky knot – it does not damage the tie


Nicky's knot is also called olney, new classic or free american. It's simple, it does not damage the tie, and thanks to its subtle elegance, even patterned ties look good.


legend has it, that the knot was made popular by Ernest Curami of the Nicky tie factory in Mailand. Curami had an advertising flyer printed for this node, because as a man with a weakness for ties, he appreciated the fact, that it does not damage or wrinkle the tie.

Pyramid shape

Davide Mosconi compared the shape of the knot made to a pyramid. Depending on this, how you will form it and how thin and strong the material is, the Nicky Knot will resemble a pyramid or a slender triangle similar to the Plattsburgh Knot. The most elegant look is made of a medium-thick tie – make a 'vertex of a triangle” as narrow as possible. Then the knot is relatively wide at the top, and it narrows strongly at the bottom.


The original Nicky is an inverted knot – you start tying with the seam on the outside and this arrangement stays until the end; then you hide the seam under the collar. Another variant of the Nicky knot is also known in Europe, which can be bound "normally”: you put your tie around your neck with the seam inwards. You turn the wide end so that it falls out of the seam. Then you perform your movements in the order specified for the original Nicky node.

Binding method


In a few words

  • inverted
  • symmetrical
  • for thin and medium-thick fabrics
  • unsophisticated, universal
  • it does not damage the tie
  • medium size
  • from ties of average length and a bit shorter
  • for men of typical height and taller
  • it resolves itself



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