Half-windsurf knot – quite symmetrical, easy and universal


The so-called "simple” or "half-windsurfing” the node is very popular, because it is quite symmetrical, easy to tie and universal.

Made of a narrow tie made of thin fabric, this knot matches any collar style. If you want to fill a wide distance between the ends of the collar with it, you will need a tie that is wider or made of thicker material.

Chin and neck as the source of the problem

The Windsor knot is preferred primarily by men with a strongly defined chin. They think, that it fits them better than the narrow or asymmetrical type of binding. If you share their opinion, you could also try seven- or ninefold knotted styles. Just like Windsor, they optically shorten the neck. However, this only applies to men with a strong chin, but a long neck and a narrow face. For a round face, you should look for a contrast.


To obtain the most symmetrical and triangular shape of the Windsor knot, you should gently give it the right form, before you take it. If you use a wide tie, the knot will lose the outline of a narrow triangle, but it will gain in width. A good effect can be achieved, if the tie is lightly pressed in this way before the final pull, so that two longitudinal folds are formed on the left and right sides of the knot. Shape them with your fingers, while tightening the knot. When the knot is ready, you can give the folds the correct shape – as for dimples. Thanks to them, his appearance will be very sophisticated.

Binding method


In a few words

  • (almost) symmetrical
  • for collars with widely spaced tips
  • unsophisticated
  • for narrow and medium-wide ties
  • also for thick fabrics (will be very big)
  • perfect for thin or stretch fabrics
  • it does not resolve itself
  • suitable for long neck and strong, rectangular chin
  • for work and for festive occasions


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