Plattsburgh Knot – conical in shape


Plattsburgh is' big brother” a Pratt knot with an additional crossbar, which makes, that it looks symmetrical, unlike the knot of St.. Andrew.

Conical shape

Characteristic of the finished product, a tight and polished Plattsburgh knot, which is conspicuous, it's its shape, resembling a cone. It should be quite wide at the top, and definitely narrow at the bottom.

She works

Some knots do not damage the tie, others leave marks on the fabric. Good quality silk ties can take a lot, anyway you should as far as possible: change the style of the knot more often (wearing the same tie) and give the tie a day off, also recommended for suits and expensive shoes. If after a while your favorite knot looks a little saggy, follow Fink and Mao's advice and make some other knot folded seven times, just like Plattsburgh. Of course, the tie must not be worn anymore.


Typical Plattsburgh does not solve itself. You can see an unusual variant in the drawings, in which one step has been changed: instead of passing the wide end of the tie from the back to the right in the fourth step, you move left. Then you pass the tie over the knot (in the original version from right to left, in an alternative version from left to right) - then the steps are identical for both variants.

Binding method


In a few words

  • inverted
  • symmetrical
  • conical
  • for a collar with a simple cut, with widely spaced tips
  • for thin and medium-thick fabrics
  • for work and for festive occasions


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