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There is widespread conviction, that it was women who had struggled with uncomfortable undershirts for decades, corsets or heavy dresses. The gentlemen also did not have an easy life in this matter. Tailcoats for high temperatures and always long pants or covered shoes regardless of the occasion or the weather. The smart casual style turned out to be a salvation. With its appearance, you can afford much more than in formal men's fashion. What, however, should not be assumed by men dressed in a smart casual style? Or maybe all tricks are allowed and T-shirts with funny inscriptions fit into the smart casual dress code? In today's article, we will dispel any doubts and describe this popular style.

Styl smart casual – short story

The first mention of the smart casual style appeared in 1924 year in The Davenport Democrat And Leader in Iowa. However, it concerned women's fashion.

“A sleeveless dress with an apron-like three-quarter tunic is a good streetwear choice, having many interpretations. Whichever you choose, however, it is one of the types of smart casual looks, ”the newspaper reads. However, it is difficult to find an exact translation, because some wording has changed. After all, the term street wear is now used in a completely different sense, truth?

The expression smart casual was widely used in the 20th century. In years 50 turned into business casual, meaning a more casual suit than a traditional one. Usually, a set of darker colors was made of thicker fabric - heavier wool or tweed.

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Author: David M Tran

This, however, is in the past. The echo of this past is, for example, "casual friday". Seeing tired workers, coming everyday in suits, Friday was chosen as a slightly looser day, without headset. That was what was put on back then, what we now call smart casual style. Casual Friday was initially accepted with reserve. His opponents were careful, that men dressed in casual attire at work disrespect their employees, contractors or clients. Today, "casual friday" appears in most companies, and the gentlemen are very pleased, that at least one day a week they can wear something less formal. Now, however, the formality has been significantly lowered, because employees use t-shirts and jeans on this day.

Smart casual men's style - what to wear?

Smart casual style does not mean putting on whatever you want. There are also rules in this less formal style, which must be followed. The basis of all smart casual is creating the so-called. coordinated sets. The jacket must be made of a different material and a different color than the bottom of the styling. Therefore, we avoid wearing full suit sets. Cotton jackets are the most popular, second, corduroy or linen. The latter material will work great especially at high temperatures, because it belongs to natural fabrics, that is, breathable and breathable.

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Now let's move on to men's shirts, which fit in with the smart casual style. If you like plaid shirts, then you can afford them. Although the stripes seem too formal a pattern, they are also great for a smart casual look. Choosing a shirt for a smart casual style, it is also worth trying to reduce the degree of its formalities. So put on a kind of button down, which is characterized by a collar with buttons. You can also use materials other than cotton. A shirt made of blue denim or white linen will also be a good choice. A turtleneck or a popover shirt can be other top tips for your casual outfit.

As for the bottom of your casual look, then choose navy blue jeans or chino trousers. They are a great base, and with their help you will create many interesting styles. You can also put on gray woolen pants, together with the navy blue jacket, they create a classic club set. When dressing in a smart casual style, you do not have to limit yourself only to the jacket. Button down shirts and chinos can be worn with e.g.. cardigan or V-neck sweater.

Smart casual accessories

Dress code smart casual also includes appropriate accessories in the form of shoes, tie, pins or pocket squares. Let's start with the former. The basic rule in a smart casual style, when choosing men's shoes there is the one for black shoes. This color is too elegant and evening, to use it in smart casual, especially during the day. Better to put on brown or navy blue shoes. Which type of footwear will be the most appropriate? Smart casual is characterized by wearing derby shoes, brogues lub chukka.

And is a tie worn in smart casual style?? It depends on the individual preferences of each man. Some of them are unable to imagine skipping this supplement. In smart casual you can afford really interesting styling with a tie. However, it should be remembered, that when you are dressed in this style, not all neckties will be appropriate. The formal styling tie is most often made of silk or fabric, which is to imitate him. In a smart casual style, however, the high-gloss model associated with suits will not work, elegance. Choosing a tie for a smart casual look, take a look at the models made of a combination of silk and linen, wool, grenadines or those made of popular cotton. Instead of shining, choose matte models. A knit tie will be a great solution. It is sometimes slightly narrower than the tie proposed for formal styling and has a rectangular hem. You can wear such an accessory with a linen shirt or, for example, a shirt. in a checkered pattern, as well as cardigans.

Shirt cufflinks are also associated with formal style. If so far you have only worn them for big outings, it's time to buy a slightly smarter, casual version for your wardrobe, which you will plug in e.g.. in a linen button down shirt. So, bet on colorful models, which will complement colorful socks, or they will stand out from smart casual styling in subdued colors. What about the pocket square? It's worth wearing it, because it's a "dot over and" of each set. Bet on the informal one made of linen, wool or cotton.


The smart casual style is a perfect alternative to formal ones, suit styling. So if you want to fit into the men's dress code on a daily basis, then put the rules into practice, about which we wrote above. Thanks to them, each of your looks will look good.


  1. It seems to me, that now the smart casual style is the highest degree of elegance on Polish streets. Even working in a multinational corporation, I happen to come across inquiring glances, when I am wearing a jacket or tie. And also about the ties. I especially like those made of challis wool – lekkie, without lining, with interesting patterns. They really do a job in a lot of my kits.


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