Business Casual outfit in the men's dress code


Suit with a white shirt, a tie and black shoes is the official style, applicable in many companies. However, over the years, as the formalities of dress on the streets are reduced, many jobs began to move away from this compulsion. Currently, the dress code in many companies no longer requires their employees to dress in an elegant style and focuses on more casual solutions. What does the business casual dress code look like and what characterizes it??

Business Casual - suit and shoes

Although we mentioned in the introduction, that companies are moving away from this most elegant style, this suit can still be a great solution for the dress code business casual. Just make it less formal, combining creatively with only the additives. This will create a good-looking business casual outfit.

We are wearing a classic, navy blue suit. It is enough to get rid of the tie and unbutton the button on the white shirt. Put a colorful pocket square or one with an interesting one into the breaststroke, colorful pattern. In addition, it is worth replacing the most official footwear - black shoes, for something elegant for me. Let's decide on the color, which will deform the outfit, that is, brown. It's also a good idea to wear loafers: penny loafers for the more conservative people, and for the bolder tassel loafers, so loafers with decorative tassels.

However, if we feel comfortable in suits and a tie, to dress code business casual does not take away this pleasure. Let's only give up navy blue or dark gray and silk sets, uniform ties. Business casual attire should be less formal - let's choose a suit with the characteristic Prince of Wales check or windowpane. Another way could be the color of the suit itself, then let's choose camel or blue. Tweed reigns supreme in the fall and winter months. A suit made of such material will certainly be less formal, especially due to its optical "weight", uneven color or slightly rough texture.

Business Casual - a tie

What about ties? They are clearly associated only with a high degree of formality, and that's not entirely true. We can lower the formality of ties in three ways (they can be mixed, but of course with moderation and intuition). The first, the easiest solution will be to choose a different color, let the brown color hang around the neck, green or even pale pink. The second way is to choose the surprising one, less formal material. There are wool ties, grenadines, shantung or a mixture of cotton and linen. Such materials will help you put together a good business casual outfit. The last option is to reach for the curious one, interesting pattern on the tie itself. White, tiny flowers? Printed or embroidered golden dogs? Anchors arranged in a row? Here you are, The business casual dress code allows you to make such decisions.

There is another option, which does not fall within the three possibilities. A tie, which is also great for casual business dress code, of course, knit. You can find many colors on the market, from navy blue through brown and bottle green, up to beige or blue. It is most often made of wool, cotton or grenadine. And what is a knit? It's a tie, which looks like its tip has been cut off. It does not have the characteristic pointed end, but a straight horizontal line. Let the fact prove its lesser formality, that some refer to it as a "sock".

Business Casual - informal jacket and trousers

What if we want to give up the suit completely? That's when an informal business casual jacket comes to the rescue. Navy blue will be a great idea, fastened with two buttons, a made of wool or cotton. However, the wool is a little different here than this, which the suit was made of. It has a lower gloss or a different texture. In the summer months, it is worth choosing a jacket made of linen or at least with its admixture. This will also reduce the formality of the dress code, but i will provide, so needed at higher temperatures, aeration.

Business casual dress code (2)

At the bottom, we put on the popular beige chinos, navy blue or green. Depending on the color of our informal jacket, of course. Business casual attire would not be complete without classic woolen clothes, gray trousers with a crease. With navy blue, An informal jacket will make a fantastic pair.

Business Casual dress code - shirts

Business casual dress code (1)Seems, that even in a business casual outfit, the only option is a white shirt. Nothing could be more wrong! Blue or pink shirts will be just as good. Let's not be afraid to use patterns as well. Striped or checked gingham shirts will look just as great, and also make our business casual outfit even more informal. For let's remember, that a plain and plain shirt is more formal than shirts with the aforementioned patterns.

Let's also pay attention to the fabric and collar of the shirt. In the case of the business casual dress code, cotton slightly different from this one will be a better choice, which the suit shirt was made of. It is thicker, more fleshy, it feels different when touched. Instead of a classic collar, let's opt for one with buttons, i.e. OCBD. For the more courageous, especially after choosing tassel loafers, a shirt with an Italian collar will be a great choice. So wide, looking a bit distraught.

Dress code Business Casual - summary

Let's remember, that the business casual category merges with smart casual. In fact, I often use these expressions as synonyms. However, it must be noted, that you can afford much more in a smart casual outfit, for example, completely giving up a jacket in favor of a cardigan or a denim jacket.

Everything requires moderation and a compulsory sense of style. To navy blue, casual jacket and gray, woolen trousers, you can choose a shirt with a red pinstripe and a brown tie made of shantung. However, it must be done, being aware, that it will look good. You also need to be confident, that we just feel comfortable in it. We don't feel disguised. Business casual attire allows for many combinations and creative combinations.


  1. I would treat business casual and smart casual interchangeably. There is no need for such a detailed division, especially, that so few people care about it at all.


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