Tips for tying a bow tie


Here are some tips for a successful bow tie. bow tie4

Pick up the right one (or the left hand, if you are left-handed) leg. The bow tie has a small metal hook to adjust the length. Make it longer, tie it around the leg first! (Make your movements accurately) Tie the bow tie like this, like you are tying a shoelace. Just be careful, so as not to pull out the double ends in the last step.

The result is not perfect yet, but, first, A self-tied bow tie can easily look a little crooked, Secondly, in the end, you always have to take it and correct it anyway. To do this, take alternately both double and single ends and pull carefully in opposite directions. Usually, this tying technique is effective in the first attempt. You now have two options: narrow the bow tie and wear it - or untie it and repeat the tie around the neck (putting on a shirt).

The bow tie comes in two different widths: the so-called. the ooze – from 5,5 do 7 cm, and "bat wing” – from 4 do 5 cm. So that you are fashionable and not look like a clown, The bow tie should not be visible out of the corner of the eye and should not protrude beyond the edges of the collar. Don't be ashamed to try on a bow tie in the store: even the ribbon for self-ties is usually already tied or the dealer will tie it for you, if you are not experienced in this.


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