Classic bow tie binding


A classic bow tie is best suited for formal occasions, for tailcoat or tuxedo. Perfect for the biggest celebrations. We wear a black or white bow tie for the most elegant outfits.

Thanks to the technique of tying a classic bow tie, the ribbon acquires a narrow waist, which makes it an elegant addition to an evening outfit. It goes very well with a tuxedo or tailcoat. Will you want to perform with your own hand-tied black bow tie?, will you buy ready, it's a matter of taste and skill.

The classic bow tie is perfect for ribbons with waisted ends, for formal occasions with a tailcoat or tuxedo.

Binding method

classic-tie-bow ties

1. Cross the ends of the ribbon like this, to make the left , a slightly longer end was crossed by the right.

2. Insert the long end into the loops from below and pull it upwards to the left.

3. Bend the shorter end of the ribbon into a loop (it will be the correct flap). The fold of the ribbon should lie in the very center of the oval, the tip of the ribbon should point to the right.

4. To form the left flap of the bow tie, put the upper end of the ribbon down over the narrow part of the right flap and fold it up at the front..

5. Guide the left wing down the back behind the right wing and insert it into the resulting loop.

6. Pull the left flap a little. Stretch out both wings with both hands and tighten the knot, pulling them carefully.


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