Men's slim wallet - when less is more!


Stuffed pockets are an image disaster. Unfortunately, pragmatism evolved in male nature, it often compels modern gentlemen, to make miniature pouches out of men's leather wallets, that push the pockets to the limit. Reality shows, that we actually need only a fraction of this content every day. Therefore, on the occasion of spring shopping, it is worth thinking about the slim wallet - a minimalist version of the wallet for men, which captivates with its size, it is functional and modern at the same time.

Thin wallet - change your habits, check yourself!

There is no motivation, to be heavy, stretched men's leather wallet undergo "slimming therapy"? Think about your habits - they do it, that you have a briefcase in your pocket. Of course, you do not have to give up the content right away - you can treat the slim wallet as this, in which we carry the most necessary things, such as ID card, driving license, a payment card or a few banknotes for rainy day (after all, we will not pay with close-ups everywhere, although the list of points with this form of payment is growing rapidly). That's it! What about the rest of the content?

Documents such as a registration certificate, receipts, promotional cards, admission cards, business cards - all this can be hidden in the car glove compartment, male shoulder bag, calendar or business organizer, etc.. The slim men's wallet is a minimalistic item and all the cute nature of this leather goods is precisely in its size. It can easily fit into any pocket, it does not interfere with everyday functioning (also while driving the car), and most importantly, it does not look bad in the pocket. Men's thin wallets Gentle Man have become very popular recently - men appreciate them for these dimensions - they can often carry them in one pocket with a smartphone, they are also convenient for the previously mentioned approximation payment.

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How to check, do you need a slim wallet?

Make a simple test - take literally the entire contents of the men's wallet on the table in an instant. Then make two piles - items, which you have been using for the last 5 days and these, which you have not used during this period. Usually such preliminary segregation already shows, that about 60% the contents of the wallet are ordinary rubbish. Therefore, the slim wallet is easily enough for the most necessary things for us - all the rest can end up in the basket or some other chosen place. By the way, some gentlemen may discover some "artifacts" – real rarities like a photo of an ex-girlfriend, gym pass for sale 2 years, pocket knife, kept in case of a zombie apocalypse and stuff ...

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Advantages of the male slim wallet

Though it's a bit cliche, it is worth putting all your cards on the table. In addition to organizing the contents of the old wallet, leather slim gives a bit more positives in everyday life. Leather is an elegant material, minimalism is one of the features of the modern gentleman. Paying on a date or business dinner, using such a thin wallet, we show attention to detail, attention to compositional details - in a word, we send a signal to the world, that we are a classy guy. Grain leather is a guarantee, it is pleasant to touch, sparkles fancifully, eye-catching - thin wallets made of this material look charming. We recommend!

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