How to clean suede and nubuck shoes?


Suede is leather, which is sometimes rejected by many because of its alleged susceptibility to pollution. This is partly true, but proper care can do wonders in this regard. You don't have to throw away your suede shoes after one season. They will survive for many years, enough, that you would spend some time on them. The effort and cost will be less than the search and purchase of a completely new pair.

Especially, that suede is distinguished by its matte surface, which fits perfectly with casual and smart casual styles. It is not as formal as smooth skin, which works well in the autumn or spring-summer period. Especially in the latter, when we need something light, less massive.

Suede Chelsea boots or chukkaboots will work very well in a set with a turtleneck and a tweed jacket. In turn, moccasins made of this material are a great choice in the warmer months. They will match linen trousers and shirts, and even simple ones, plain colored short pants. So it's not worth taking this opportunity away from you, just get acquainted with the rules of procedure for shoes made of suede and nubuck.

How to clean suede and nubuck shoes?

Before we get into that, how to care for and clean such shoes, we have to start with the basics. What to stock up on before the entire procedure? What preparations will we need? What to impose individual measures?

At the beginning, we will present a full suede and nubuck care kit. This is the most complete option, which will provide us with the best opportunities to take care of our shoes. Taking advantage of all these elements, we will not lose our pair after the first season. On the contrary, it is a guarantee of longevity.

We will definitely need a brush with natural bristles. In this case, it is a universal investment, because it will also be useful for smooth leather shoes (facing). In addition, it is worth investing in one with wire bristles. These choices will be complemented by a suede brush with a rubber surface. The first two are pollution, and the last one is down to the hairs on the suede surface.

What preparations should be used to clean suede and nubuck shoes?

So much for tools, We now come to the preparations themselves. Then add a suede stain remover to the basket, spray renovator, as well as impregnation. Each of them is equally useful, each for different circumstances. Together, however, they provide both a deep cleansing of suede and nubuck, but also their comprehensive protection.

Of course, as we mentioned, is the most complete shoe care kit. It will provide the widest protection, through it we will make the most profound purification of these materials. However, if we are not convinced to so many purchases or we know, that we will use footwear sporadically, we do not necessarily have to stock up on all brushes and specifics right away.

A safe solution will be to have at least a suede and nubuck brush in your arsenal, stain remover and spray impregnation. We are not fully secured then, but we are able to provide the shoes with optimal care. If we are not convinced and to such a set, let's at least have a suede and nubuck brush in your shoe first aid kit. This is the absolute minimum. However, it can only handle smaller ones, less persistent dirt.

How to clean suede shoes and nubuck shoes? - brushes and brushes

At the beginning, we presented the fullest option and we will also use all the elements when describing the cleaning. Persons, who opted for smaller versions of the kits, they just choose individual passages for themselves, concerning their utensils and means.

We start the operation "clean suede or nubuck shoes" with a brush with natural bristles. We brush our shoes, thus removing dust and dirt, which is lying on the hair. If the material has debris, at the sight of which our hair stands on end, use a stain remover immediately. Only he will help with stronger stains.

Later, a brush with wire bristles lands in our hand. In this way, we will clean deeper dirt. It is a perfect complement to the above-mentioned stain remover. Thanks to the brush, all hairs will also rise, which will allow you to accept the next preparations well. Let's remember, it's a sharp tool, and suede and nubuck are of the more sensitive species. It is therefore necessary to brush with circular movements and gently.

We finish placing the hair at attention with another brush, this time with a rubber surface. This will allow you to evenly place all the hairs on the surface.

How to clean suede shoes and nubuck shoes? - agents and preparations

Finally, we reach for the first preparation. The spray restorer is designed to enhance the color of our skin. We can choose colorless. Then we only refresh the skin and emphasize the natural depth of each color. This is more than enough for situations, when the original color still looks good. Meanwhile, in bad cases, we reach for a renovator for a given skin color. The faded skin will then gain a new life, and the difference will be visible to the naked eye.

We are waiting until the moment, until the paint is dry. After 10-15 minutes again we reach for the brush for suede and nubuck with a rubber surface and thoroughly brush the shoes with the rubber surface.

Finally, we treat our shoes with a spray impregnation. We spread it from a distance of approx 10 cm all over the material. This measure is the answer to all concerns about suede and nubuck, regarding contact with water, for example on rainy days. The impregnation seals the surface of the leather, but without taking away its breathability. The solution prevents contamination from penetrating deeply, and most of all water.


Comprehensive care of suede and nubuck shoes will ensure their longevity, and peace for you. Preparations can really do a lot, even turn the leather into a waterproof material.


  1. Dirty suede is not an easy opponent. Especially in the autumn and winter season. For example, I avoid suede, when it's snowing. When it rains, it is only after impregnation. But that's also rare. Beautiful material for shoes, but sensitive. At least for me.


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