How to clean leather shoes?


Leather shoes are certainly more expensive than shoes made of any other material. However, the price in this case really goes hand in hand with quality. Such a choice is primarily a purchase that will last for years, because leather shoes are not only timeless, elegant appearance, but also durability.

So, opting for leather shoes, we can sleep well. The next purchases are waiting for us in a few years. Of course, the use of such shoes is a typical "something for something" transaction. We guarantee you longevity, but you must take care of us.

How to care for leather shoes?

There are many measures for the hygiene and care of human skin. There are distinct specifics on the feet, other for the body, and others for the face or hands. All for this, to take good care of our skin.

It is no different in the case of shoes. The leather used for the production of footwear is of animal origin. Please clean it, nourish, grease and impregnate. Regularity also turns out to be crucial in this matter. It is not enough to reach for a cloth and paste every now and then and gently wipe the shoes.

Without regularity, we can forget about the good appearance of our shoes, about the comfort of their use. First of all, we can forget, that ours too will be long-lived. Proper care is the key to success, shoes will repay us not only with a beautiful appearance, but also viability.

How to clean leather shoes?

Before we throw ourselves on our leather shoes and give them a number of necessary measures, you should tell yourself, when the footwear is ready for it, and when not. We must remember this, that only dry shoes will adequately absorb our dose of care. Meaning dry, it's not just about waiting, until they dry out after a torrential downpour. We consider wet shoes as well, which we finally take off after a whole day of wearing. Then we wait one day, so that they rest and after that time we take action.

Leather shoes
Author of the photo: Robert Sheie (Flickr)

Another important issue is the division of leather shoes itself. We will use different measures for shoes made of suede or nubuck, and completely different for smooth leather. In both types it is needed, mentioned earlier, regularity. Unfortunately for the question, how often to perform beauty treatments, there is no definite answer. It all depends on the season, weather, skin type and how often you use a particular pair.
In fact, we have to draw the necessary conclusions ourselves based on our observations and experience of using a given shoe.

How to clean leather shoes?

In this paragraph, we must make use of the distinction made. For suede and nubuck, you will definitely need a brush. One side is rubber, and on the other with the right bristles. It will allow you to clean minor dirt and thus refresh the skin. In turn, when we get much stronger stains, you should get suede and nubuck remover.

The last element of proper care should be a spray impregnation. Suede leather is more sensitive to moisture and dirt. The impregnation ensures water resistance, does not allow water or dirt to penetrate into the structure of the material.

When we try to clean smooth leather shoes, we should stock up on slightly different things. For cleaning, we need a leather remover, the fat will nourish and soften the skin, and cream with pigment will enhance the color, which is exposed to discoloration during use. All treatments are finished with a high gloss using paste or wax.


  1. It is not easy to care for and maintain leather shoes. But look and satisfaction later, gives it back with a vengeance. It is also impossible to go crazy and not use these shoes, because the weather or something. You have to wear them and not be afraid, that they will get dirty, they catch a scratch, somewhere they will rub gently. Most can be done anyway “heal” paste or grease for leather, and what will remain, it gives character, in fact


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