5 things, which cannot be missing in the men's wardrobe – spring trends 2019


Spring is here and fortunately, because almost all of us have had enough of this prolonged winter. So we throw thick jackets to the bottom of the wardrobe and start completing men's clothing. This season, as leading designers emphasize, it should be with a claw, in addition, you should bet on colors. Because, if you have just started looking for spring clothes, we will help you. Auto 5 things, which must not be missing in the men's wardrobe - spring trends 2019.

Quilted jacket - yesterday, today, tomorrow

We will start our list with outerwear. Namely, a quilted jacket. It is an absolute must-have this season, just like she was last and nothing really indicates, that the fashion for them would pass away. Quilted jackets are perfect for casual styling. They have a note of nonchalance, and at the same time they look amazing on every man. Their advantage is this, that they emphasize the broad shoulder line, and at the same time they can hide the shortcomings of the figure, i.e. e.g.. protruding belly. It is also worth considering the color, Well, this season, fashionable and intense colors rule. So you can really afford just about anything, starting with neon lights, all the way to strong grenades.

Shirt-like vertigo

The elegant men's clothing undoubtedly includes shirts. In this season, whenever the opportunity arises, it is worth wearing them. They go well with everything, starting with elegant trousers with a crease, all the way to jeans. You can also dress them with cargo pants. Shirts have something to them. They attract the eye and at the same time make you, that the man wearing them is more attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex. So the white shirt is an absolute must-have. Remember, that she is not the only one. Well, this spring is also worth betting on others, crazier models. Polka dot shirts will be perfect here, squares, and even horses, not to mention the butterflies, that is, it should be colorful - after all, it is spring, not winter.

White pants - see them for yourself!

This spring's designers are a bit of a surprise. To, The fact that elegant men's clothing is fashionable probably does not surprise anyone, but that white pants have become trendy, it will probably surprise more than one gentleman. Probably a season ago, men at the sight of Cristiano Ronaldo in white pants were a little crooked, so it turns out, that Ronaldo is indeed a trendsetter. Well, this spring, white pants are a must in every men's wardrobe. You can put a light edge on the model, or chinos in that color. Of course you should remember, so as not to wear a white blouse for styling, because the white total look will not work here. The butterfly shirt, on the other hand, is just right.

A few words about shoes…

Another must-have item in men's wardrobe are moccasins. Light, comfortable and extremely stylish. Men all over the world will love them. They match perfectly with men's clothing such as white trousers and colorful shirts. We advise you to choose these shoes, because they fit almost any styling, both the one with a medium degree of formality, up to the cauals ending. Here it is worth betting on models made of suede, preferably in navy blue, or brown.

Or maybe a hat

It will probably be the most difficult to convince you to our last proposal. Namely, hats are very fashionable, but not baseball caps, and flat caps. They fit any elegant styling, and at the same time they are functional, especially when you have a bad hair day. After all, it can also happen to men. So give flat caps a chance, we guarantee you, that once you put them on, they will definitely become your must have. Such headgear is fashionable in classic colors, starting with gray, all the way to beiges and browns.

He's in charge this seasonelegant men's clothing, but still in a more modern edition. Therefore, it is worth betting on strong colors, patterns and patterns. After all, spring is about colors, moreover, fashion should be played with and not be limited. Details are also important, such as long pendants, or leather bracelets and of course don't forget the watches.

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