4 Male body types – choose an outfit that matches your figure


We present in this article highlighted a long time ago 4 types of male silhouettes. This classification allows you to highlight what is beneficial, with that in perspective as well, which should definitely be advised against.

4 Male body types
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A-type male silhouette. The so-called pear.

It is a distinctive and well-recognized type of beauty. This usually occurs in the case of, when a person practicing sports gives up their current lifestyle, just by neglecting yourself. The muscles do not disappear - there are still well-muscled legs and back, while the pear is because, that with all the advantages of this beauty there is a belly.

All of these are therefore recommended, which will slim the waist, for example, a correctly selected jacket with wider lapels. Of course, dark shades of clothing are very helpful here, is it graphite, or the black itself. The collar should be classic. Single-breasted suits are also recommended, or trousers with two pleats at the waist. Dreamlike is here, that instead of a tie, a bow tie can work perfectly well in place of a tie.

Turtlenecks or tight sweaters are not recommended, especially check shirts and low-waisted trousers. Vests and plain shirts are sometimes a good choice. Extended trouser legs are also recommended, but without exaggeration.

Type I male silhouette. The so-called pencil.

The young appearance of such a person is definitely one of the strengths. It also determines the features of the chosen garment. It is important to emphasize the proportions in this regard. A slim body with long lean arms and legs are the hallmarks of this type of beauty. Plus high growth.

In this case, it is about strengthening the figure, A double-breasted jacket is sometimes a good solution, It is no different with trousers with darts, without edges. Earthy colors like beige or brown are recommended. It is worth using an unbuttoned collar, who will make, that the arms will widen. Some people do well with a turtleneck and a double tie knot. The recommended jacket is the double-breasted one.

As is easy to guess, the essence of the solutions is also to avoid anything that can make you slimmer, for example, skinny pants or narrow ties. Pressed pants are also discouraged, in which the edge is visible, because the edge also slims the legs, and that's not the point. It is quite the opposite, the task is to visually add kilograms to the clothes.

O type male silhouette. The so-called apple.

In this type of beauty, the shoulders and hips are the same width. Obesity is evident, and everywhere. Regardless of, is it a waist, whether legs or arms and chest, you can see unnecessary kilograms everywhere. He is simply overweight. Accordingly, clothing should be slimming, and such goals are met by jackets broad shoulders, but not too long.

Then pay attention to the classics, just like the cut of straight pants, shirts without ornaments and so-called stitching. Well, if there is an implementation of the idea for layered clothing, called the popular onion, however, there is then a necessity, so that all layers are noticeable on the input. A good example of suitable clothing in this case is a jacket over a sweater, and a sweater on a T-shirt. At the same time, a bar should be present, for this simple purpose, so that - what is very important - the pants do not fall (it might as well be braces).

At the same time, let's consider what to avoid then, because it's very important. Too small sizes are definitely a mistake no 1, because they emphasize what is to be hidden. Wide knit sweaters, large patterns, or jeans, should be eliminated, and this is due to the difficulties in choosing the right size. Black monochrome outfits also fall off, because they only emphasize the large contours of the body. It should be noted here, that the polo shirts are absolutely right, as long as they are not tucked in pants. It should also be emphasized with full force, patterned garments are strongly discouraged. However, it is good, if the pants are butted.

V-type male silhouette, called a triangle.

For many ladies it is a perfect figure, a muscular leg is present, as is a muscular torso and arms, in addition, the shoulders are visibly wider than the hips. Striking, well-groomed condition, but at the same time sometimes too large disproportion between the top of the figure, and the bottom.

Meanwhile, this type of figure allows you to put on practically anything. A nice solution are jackets that are not too extensive at the top, that reach the hips. It's just a good t-shirt. Often such people choose jeans, which is absolutely advisable, similarly with leather jackets and formal trousers with cuffs, what long legs allow.

Hand in hand with what is indicated, goes as usual what is inadvisable, and here it has its place. Sometimes it is said about dazzling with muscles, so emphasizing them at every step is not the best choice. Tight-fitting T-shirts should therefore be strictly controlled, especially if they have bright colors.


The aforementioned types of male figure allow, on the basis of classification, to explain what is actually going on with the appropriate selection of clothes. Some people have a structure that is a specific mixture of different types, and in this case, already knowing how to properly emphasize strengths and mask imperfections, it is worth composing your own original style.


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