On which hand is the watch worn?


    Although the question entitled. “On which hand is the watch worn?” may seem prosaic, however, if we go back to the 1950s′ we will understand this, that it has its justification.

    Well, in those days there was a custom of maintaining balance in connection with which married gentlemen, which there were then 90% they put a wedding ring on their right hand, and the watch is on the left hand. It was good to keep your right hand in your pants pocket during all kinds of conversations, Therefore, the displayed watch on the left hand was information about marital status. On the right hand, the watch was worn by children or inelegant people, and in some quarters it was a sign of homosexuality.

    Times have changed, more than that has passed since then 60 years.

    As for the principles of savoir vivre, they do not in any way describe which hand the watch should be worn on. There are opinions sometimes, that wearing an expensive watch on your dominant hand is not in a good tone, because it can be perceived as a manifestation of property status, however, it should be emphasized that this is only the opinion of a handful of people.

    We have already reached down to history, spojrzeliśmy do zasad know how to live, that say nothing about it, So it's time to finally answer the question clearly and simply.

    We wear the watch on the hand that is more comfortable for us and we do not have to worry about any rules on this subject, for they don't even exist.


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