Tie tying rules


Tie tying rulesWe present 10 rules to keep in mind when tying a tie.

1. The first binding must be held firmly, because it forms the scaffolding of the node.
2. Subsequent bindings should be rather loose, only the last one should be tightened firmly.
3. Insert the wide end of the tie slowly and evenly into the loop, preferably step by step, never do it with one stroke of the hand.
4. Form the knot carefully and do not tighten it too tightly.
5. Pulling the knot up to the collar, we grab the narrow end with one hand, the second - carefully move the knot up.
6. Before tightening the knot completely, fasten the shirt collar button.
7. Both ends of a properly tied tie are the same length.
8. After tying the knot, slip the narrow end of the tie into the loop on the underside of the wider end of the tie.
9. The knot of the tie should completely cover the clasp of the collar.
10. We should not use the best tie to try out the tying method, we have. A worn-out copy is rather suitable for exercises.


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