The knot of St. Andrew – big and modest


If you are looking for a nice one, but a modest knot to a specific collar, you can especially try the cross knot. However, if you need more volume, the best solution will be the knot of St.. Andrew.

The knot of St. Andrzeja is characterized not only by its width but also by a slight asymmetry. If you need a seemingly paradoxical knot for the collar – large and modest at the same time, you should try this knot from ties of different materials.

She works

Wool ties, which in England are considered inappropriate in the business world, and in Italy it is worn quite often, should be chosen more carefully than silk ones. Reaching for a one-color wool tie, toned down, you will never make a mistake. After switching from silk to wool ties, you will need to use different knots, because initially, as with coarsely woven silk, nodes come out larger than these, you are used to (unless the ties have become more flexible after prolonged use).


Depending on this, how tight you will tighten the knot at the end, you can form it in a very "three dimensional" way” – then the lower part of the knot sticks out a little above the collar, making, that the tie fabric drapes elegantly over the shirt. This is the optimal positioning of the tie, which, however, cannot be achieved with every knot or with every material.

Binding method


In a few words

  • inverted
  • (slightly) asymmetric
  • for collars with widely spaced tips
  • from thin fabrics (but not with too thin lining)
  • for unsophisticated ties
  • falls nicely
  • looks nice stylized (dimples or medium-long folds)
  • it resolves itself
  • for work and for festive occasions


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