Choosing how to tie a tie


We present a list 20 ways to tie a tie. To go to a given tying method, just click on the name of the node. Thanks to the table below, you can adjust the binding method in terms of: material, fabrics, occasion, way of difficulty, height and collar.

Kentnormal, fatsilk, woolNotallnarrow
Straight (Four-in-hand)light, normal, fatsilk, woolcelebration / jobSotallnarrow
Orientalnormal, fatwoolNotallnarrow
Kelvinlight, normalsilk, woolcelebration / jobSotallnarrow
Onassislight, normalsilkSowide
Prattalight, normalsilk, wooljobNowide
Nickylight, normalsilk, wooljobSotallwide
Victorialight, normal, fatsilk, woolcelebration / jobSotall, shortwide, narrow
Prince Albertlight, normal, fatsilk, woolcelebration / jobSotall, shortwide, narrow
Half-windsurfinglight, normalsilk, woolcelebration / jobNotall, shortwide
St.. Andrewlight, normalsilk, woolcelebration / jobNowide
Manhattanlight, normalsilkSoshortwide
Plattsburghlight, normalsilkcelebration / jobNoshortwide
Cavendishlight, normalsilk, woolcelebration / jobNoshortwide, narrow
Crossedlight, normalsilk, woolcelebration / jobNoshortnarrow
Diagonalnormal,fatsilk, woolcelebrationNowide
Double Windsorlight, normalsilk, wooljobSoshortwide
Grantchesterlightsilk, woolNoshortwide
Hanoverlightsilk, woolcelebrationSoshortwide


  1. After all, Four in hand is the best. The most universal, because it is suitable everywhere. But that's bullshit, that there is some division into growth. To mit, as with double-breasted jackets. That they are only for slim people, because they optically widen. It fits well with the clothes line, well-tied ties suit everyone. End of period.


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