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Cocktail attire is a concept, which not everyone will find familiar or obvious. Not everyone has the opportunity to attend meetings and events, where such a dress code is required. Life, however, can surprise us, and the additional knowledge has not hurt anyone yet. Therefore, it is worth reading an article on this topic. we invite you to read!

Cocktail attire - definition and examples

As already mentioned in the introduction, the cocktail dress is a dress code, which we put on for the party, especially when we receive an invitation with an annotation, that a "cocktail dresscode" is required. However, let no one think, that it's some one, permanent set example, which can be pulled out of the closet every time, when we are going to some social event. There is no single recipe for such an outfit, in this case it is simply formal or semi-formal dress. The circumstances of a given event are important when selecting, but also our preferences.

A cocktail outfit is therefore a suit or a coordinated set. Certainly it is not a "blacktie", that is, wearing a tuxedo on such an occasion would be a mistake and such reasoning should be avoided. It is also not work clothes - in this sense, that it is a festive garment, so this time everyday business suits must remain in our closet on hangers.

Men's cocktail outfit (1)

Let us also refer to the term "cocktail". It's not worth sticking to it, because the cocktail attire can be worn not only at wedding receptions, business events or celebrated birthdays. A necessary condition, to take advantage of it is therefore not the presence of alcohol at the event. Our set will also work well when going to the philharmonic hall, theater or opera.

Formal cocktail attire

For a formal meeting, that is, the aforementioned wedding receptions, We choose a navy blue or dark gray suit for christening. We also add a plain white or blue shirt with cufflinks. The cocktail outfit is a bit like your universal work set? That is why it is worth breaking this apparent boredom with the right additions. A pocket square or a tie in an interesting one, unusual color will breathe a bit of life into your set. Of course, everything in moderation.

Semi-formal cocktail outfit

Let's imagine, that we are going to celebrate our recently successful business negotiations or that we are simply going out to a restaurant with our superiors. How to dress? Here, too, we can reach for a suit, but we have more room to show off. Let's reach for models, which have an interesting texture or pattern. Navy blue windowpane check suit as a cocktail dress? Or one made of gray flannel? Why not!

Another possibility may be to use one of the coordinated sets. An ideal choice would be a classic club kit, for example. Navy blue jacket and gray, woolen pants will definitely fit the circumstances. In summer, the bottom can be changed and the beige color can be used.

A cocktail outfit in a semi-formal version would not be complete without extras. They do not have to come from the shelf entitled. "The highest degree of elegance". So we give our oxfords a rest and choose monks for the sets, loafers or brogues. You'll still look very good, but without such an official character. And for the breaststroke, an informal pocket square, and a wool tie at the neck, shantung or printed silk.

Cocktail dress informal

A cocktail outfit with a lower degree of formalities than the two previous ones will be best at less official meetings. It could be your friends' wedding anniversary or an industry event. What then comes into play? Of course, everything depends on the season, but it is worth choosing a flannel or linen suit without construction.

A set coordinated with cotton chino or corduroys will also be a good idea. It's worth adding, that the jacket is not a necessity here, it can be replaced with a vest or a cardigan. Then, however, a good solution is to use a tie, to maintain the proper formality of the set.


  1. Me when I hear, that is supposed to be “cocktail” this is what i wear gray, creased woolen trousers with a navy blue jacket. Although it is really rarely heard, you have to impose such a rule on yourself and dress your own way, elegantly. Unfortunately, many people are surprised afterwards, why did I shoot myself so much.


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