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The main type of men's dress code is casual. This style is the perfect choice for every day. It will work in many situations, both to go out with friends for a beer or a match, as well as on a date to the cinema. In this case, the most important thing is comfort, as well as being able to express yourself. So you can go ahead and afford your favorite sneakers or t-shirt. Despite a lot of freedom, and in the casual style, there is a certain base of clothes, on the basis of which you should create your everyday stylizations.

Casual style - history

Casual dress code (1)Casual style is the most popular way of dressing in the modern world. Some experts say, that it first appeared in the early 20th century. Nowoczesność wdzierająca się do życia ludzi spowodowała zmianę stylu. Comfort was the key here, the uncomfortable outfit was replaced by jeans and t-shirts. After all, in a word “casual” something everyday is generally defined, relaxing and occasional, informal and unplanned things.

For many years in the past, the casual dress code has included sportswear, which were used while playing golf. Club jackets and oxford shoes also became popular. Over time, the casual style took over more and more things, especially simple, comfortable denim and khaki jackets inspired by military clothing.

Casual style and society

Casual dress code (2)The casual dress code broke the classic speaking belief, that luxury is for the rich, and work clothes – functional and comfortable – they are for the poorer. Today, casual style is adopted by everyone – it is harder to distinguish social status just by dress. It used to be the order of the day, now the richest people in the world wear jeans, They put on sandals and wear plain t-shirts.

In fact, today the casual style is the most frequently chosen one. The casual dress code is primarily an element of the middle class, and most Americans count themselves as one. All by conviction, that our clothes create our identity, shows who we would like to be. And the casual style is associated, for example, with people who are in good shape, neat.

Casual style - the basics

As we mentioned, although the casual style is the most relaxed of them all, doesn't mean it, that you can overlap whatever you want. Styling without an idea will do, that we will look dull, and maybe even funny.

It is worth creating a certain base of clothes, which will fit perfectly in this style. They should be minimalistic and universal in nature. This will allow individual elements to be used multiple times in different sets. We won't have to buy new clothes every now and then, because we have an interesting idea, but we are missing something in our wardrobe.

Dress code casual a kurtki

When it comes to outerwear, it is worth using three bases. Denim jacket, preferably dark blue, should be in every men's wardrobe. It will look good with chinos and a plaid shirt, and with a white t-shirt. It is the perfect casual replacement for a jacket, which works well in many configurations. Dark navy blue only emphasizes this advantage, because it is a color that matches many other shades: from beige through gray and green, all the way to the browns.

The second great choice is the M65 military inspired jacket. Most often found in olive green color or in many varieties of beige. This iconic model with four pockets is also a guarantee of versatility. It will work well in combination with navy blue jeans and a marine longsleev.

At the end you should get a leather jacket – preferably brown in color. The model itself depends on personal preferences. The pilot gives excellent opportunities, and ramones. Both will give the styling a bit of character and sharpness, and the range of possible sets is really wide. You can wear chinos downstairs, jeans, and even gray pants made of thick flannel. We put on a denim shirt under the jacket, white henley or gray V-neck sweater. Everything will be an equally good choice. There are many possibilities, truth?

Casual styles - shirts, pants and shoes

About that, We have already written what pants to choose or what to wear under the jacket, giving examples of successful styling. A white OCBD shirt should hang in the wardrobe, that is, with a collar fastened with small buttons. Such a model is a reduced formality while maintaining good style and class. Don't let the color scare anyone, because white is a universal color and everyone looks just good in it. Of course, don't throw away gingham or windowpane shirts, because the casual style will also be a perfect place for them. Another option may be a marine longsleeve with white and navy blue horizontal stripes, V-neck or simple sweater, a plain t-shirt with no inscriptions or prints, in white, gray or blue.

As for the pants, casual dress code is the kingdom of jeans. Dark navy blue or a lighter shade of blue will make the styling timeless, raw expression. Anyway, the casual style was condemned to jeans, after all, these are pants made for American miners and farmers. The only thing you need to remember is moderation. Let's avoid juxtapositions, where both the mountain, as well as the bottom are denim clothes, especially with a similar texture or color.

Casual dress code (3)

And what else? Beige chinos are neutral, a stylish way to change, when jeans start to get bored. Casual styles are also a wide field to show off when choosing footwear. You can reach for New Balance sports shoes, Converse sneakers or Timberland boat shoes. The wardrobe should also include chukkas and Chelsea boots. When buying the latter, let's be guided by the material - choose the suede ones, because it is less formal skin, perfectly matching the casual style.


Casual dress code means freedom of choice, comfort and freedom of use, as well as reduced formality. It allows you to take a break from jackets and cufflink shirts, especially this one, who do not like elegant clothes. However, by choosing a casual style, we do not condemn ourselves to be sloppy or unattractive. By following our tips above, you will surely be able to create great looking sets. And without a tie, jackets or plain shoes.


  1. Casual casuals unequal. You can wear sneakers casual, jeans and a t-shirt with some meaningful inscription. And you can put on New Balance shoes, jeans, a plaid shirt and an M65 jacket, about which it is in the article. It is also worth mentioning here.


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