Business dress code, that is, men's business attire


Many companies are departing from the business dress code, putting their employees on a looser and more casual style. Bosses no longer require a suit or tie from their subordinates, they also do not adhere to the rules of business attire. However, the formal style is still the basis. Especially when we want to look elegant, for example, during company meetings or business dinners. So what are the rules of the dress code business?? We invite you to read the article.

Business attire - rules

Business formal dress code (1)Men's business attire is based on a suit. This is the basis, baza i fundament business dress code. The suit becomes our universal workwear, so it's worth making us feel comfortable in it. Let's give up the pillows in the arms, which limit movements and make, that we sometimes look unnatural. They are mainly responsible for the so-called. "Armor effect".

Let's also bet on models with a half-lining. After all, the climate is getting warmer, and besides, we spend most of our time indoors – in the car or office.


Business dress code – kolory

Colors are equally important. In the dress code business, navy blue should be the basic color of a suit. It is a universal color, which will work in many places and situations. The opposite of black, which is only suitable for evening occasions or funerals. Additionally, it makes, that we look like a black spot with a pale face.

If we got bored with this color, gray suits will definitely introduce a bit differentiation, graphite, possibly bronze. Rather, however, they should be a springboard from everyday life, and not a full-fledged replacement. Pomegranate is an absolute classic.

Dress code business - shirts and accessories

As in the case of the suit, navy blue is the basic color, so in the case of a shirt, the color is white. It is multitasking. This choice offers the most possibilities, because it will fit almost everything. In addition, it is simply impossible to look bad in a well-chosen white shirt.

If we do not want to use white, let's go for a blue shirt or, for the brave ones, pale pink. These are models that work well in a business environment, bring a bit of freshness to the selected set. One more rule is important: shirts must be smooth. This is the most elegant option.

Men's business attire - shoes and accessories

The extras in the business dress code are limited, but skillfully selected, they give the set its final expression, some kind of smartness. We already have a suit and shirt, therefore we have to choose the right tie and pocket square. The first one should be silk or wool - smooth, with stripes or neutral patterns.

It is recommended that the pocket square is made of a different material than the tie. It certainly cannot be exactly the same color as the tie. Let's avoid, so like a fire of ready-made sets "pocket square plus tie", which are full of shops. The color of the pocket square should refer to itself or at least work with one of the colors in the tie. Another possibility is correlation with the color of the shirt. When we are not sure, let's put it in the breast cup, folded presidential, white pocket square. It's a safe option, but always looking really great.

The business dress code is an elegant and formal style, so it seems, that the shoes must be black. Of course, black Viennese or brogues will definitely work. However, do not put the brown models in the wardrobe. This colour, although less formal, It will also be perfect in a business outfit. It's just less elegant, more everyday character. Black should rather appear on the most solemn occasions.

The business dress code tends to be more rigid, gives the impression of boring than others. However, the above-mentioned accessories can liven up a given suit outfit. A green grenadine tie paired with a multicolored silk pocket square is also a choice, that can fit into the dress code business. However, it requires more practice or awareness, what we can afford in a specific place. The choice depends too, of course, from the position we hold.


  1. And what about Pitti Uomo and their business sets? But at least fine, that the author encourages you to play with accessories. Gentlemen, less boredom in the streets and more color and grace! Alone now to cotton and linen, I put on a navy blue suit and a pink linen tie. For this I have orange frames in sunglasses. More Italian, I recommend.


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