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You dream of owning an expensive and exclusive car? See for yourself, whether its operation and maintenance cost as much, as the car itself. Check it out, whether the liability for an expensive vehicle is high and when the first inspection needs to be performed. Before you make your dream come true, learn about the advantages and disadvantages of having such a car.

Liability insurance and technical inspections - costs

The first larger expenses appear when registering the car. On the day of going to the communication department, you must acquire compulsory third party liability insurance for the vehicle. Will it be more expensive for an exclusive model than for a used one?? Contrary to appearances: no. Because the car is new, has genuine parts and low mileage. Additional advantages will be a small engine and a model, which in the statistics is considered too low failure. These types of aspects will make, that the insurer will grant you a discount.Calculate the premium in the car liability comparison engine, to have an impact on the expenses incurred.

While when registering a used car, you must have a valid technical inspection and another one every year, so for a new car from the showroom, you do not need to perform a pre-registration inspection. Has a manufacturer's warranty. You will also save money in the following years, as the first full inspection only applies to you three years after registration. Another two, and you will do the rest every year.

What is worth knowing about Maserati cars?

One of the expensive and desirable cars - the Maserati Gran Turismo - comes with a purchase cost even 119 880 euro. The reduced tariff is also not provided for in operation. The car has a very high fuel consumption and generates significant maintenance costs. Monthly with annual overcoming 30 You will pay thousands of km for fuel 1950 PLN. Owing to the high starting price, owning a car is associated with a significant drop in the market value.

Comparable fees await you when choosing the Maserati Ghibli. The purchase cost is approx. 438 000 PLN. The car has minimal fuel consumption 6,3 l, and the maximum 12,0 l na 100 km. In the city, consumption is estimated at 7,6 l/100km, out of town on 5,0 l/100km. The monthly cost of fuel is 2122 PLN for an annual travel 30 thousand km. The vehicle requires an annual or post-run check 20 thousand km.

How much does it cost to maintain a Mercedes?

With the Mercedes-Maybach S600, you'll pay for reputation, numerous amenities and engine power. The starting price is 552 500 PLN, but you might as well find an extended offer, over a million zlotys. On this car you get illuminated side skirts, roof lining, loudspeeker sysetm, heated and ventilated front seats or rear door sunblinds are all elements, the care and possible repair of which increases the cost of operation.

In the Basic version, for example, you will pay for setting up amenities: parking heater - 6379 PLN, double cup holder - 344 PLN, heated steering wheel and armrests front and rear - 2430 PLN, seat belt airbags - 5507 PLN. You have an influence on the mechanics extensions, multimedia, safety and comfort.

The city's fuel consumption is estimated at 16,9 l/100km, on the route 8,7 l/100km, and in a mixed cycle 11,7 l/100km. The car runs on gasoline.

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