Cosmetics for men, or how to take care of men's skin


Not so long ago, the choice of men's cosmetics was mainly limited to soap and aftershave. However, the cosmetics industry is evolving and changing like any other industry. More and more manufacturers of cosmetic chemicals create entire lines of preparations for men's care. They are tailored to the needs of demanding male skin, and also have different fragrance versions. You want to find out, how they differ cosmetics for men od tych dla kobiet?

How to choose the right one cosmetics for men?

Human skin, regardless of gender, requires proper care and hydration. Despite, that the general structure of the human epidermis is similar in both women, as well as in men, pay attention to the fact, that the male skin is definitely thicker. It also contains more collagen, making, that men age more slowly. However, their aging process is very rapid.

Additionally, in men, increased secretion of sebum can be observed. Hence, their skin is more exposed to pollution. In connection with cosmetics for men, especially those dedicated to face care, First of all, they should properly cleanse the skin and provide the skin with an optimal level of hydration.

Male hair care

Men's hair differs from women's hair mainly in the amount of testosterone present in the fibers. Additionally, the scalp in men is thicker, which translates into more sebaceous glands. Therefore, men's shampoos should primarily focus on deep cleansing and nourishing the hair. Because men are less likely to use hair dyes or waves, preparations dedicated to men do not have to contain color fresheners or other such ingredients.

Cosmetics for men - male care in a few steps

A great idea for men's skin care is to choose a specific line of cosmetics. The Organique brand offers a whole series of Pour Homme products, which perfectly moisturize and regenerate the male epidermis. This line includes, among others: refreshing face wash gel, moisturizing eye cream, shaving soap or dry beard oil. In addition, the brand has prepared products for the care of the whole body.

face cream for men

Choosing one cosmetic series guarantees, that you will provide your skin with all the necessary nutrients. Additionally, it is a great convenience, because you don't have to search for individual care products on your own.

Cosmetics for men, or what men think about male grooming

The research carried out by the Zew for man company under the slogan Polish guy - James Bond or a woodcutter from the woods? shows, that men are more and more willing to reach for specialized care preparations, and appearance is very important to them. According to the published report, more than half of the respondents pay great attention to their appearance, 1/3 of them are considered well-kept, and only a little over 10% is of the opinion, that the care area is reserved only for the fair sex.

Looking back several years, we can see a huge change in the approach of men to everyday care and hygiene. Male self-care is no longer a taboo subject, and the cosmetics market offers an exceptionally wide selection of various types of preparations perfectly suited to the needs of men's skin.

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