How to choose a men's watch for styling?


For many people, a men's watch is one of the most important styling accessories. Makes, that the garment becomes more elaborate. However, it would be so, it must fit snugly. What does it mean? First of all, you should know, what to wear with a suit, and what for casual clothes. We advise, how to choose a watch for styling.

How to choose a men's watch?

Although today most of us have a phone with us, and often a tablet, laptop, and thanks to it also the ability to check the time, does not mean it, that you are giving up the watch. It is an add-on, which it is not only meant to measure time. It is he who completes the men's outfit, but also shows social status. Men's watches complement both elegant ones, and casual stylizations, therefore regardless of this, what is wearing, it is worth wearing the watch on your wrist. Of course it is essential, to fit it properly. How?

Types of men's watches

First of all, it is important, that several types of men's watches can be distinguished. They differ in appearance. It mainly consists of envelope. It can be of a different size or shape. The size should depend on it, how big is your forearm. The shape of the case is a matter of taste. May be round, oval, rectangular, square.

The wrist attachment is also important when choosing a watch. This could be it belt the bracelet. The belt is most often made of leather, but there are also models with canvas. The bracelet is definitely another matter. Classic is metal. However, wooden fixings have also become very popular, rubber. To, what they are made of, it is important for this, what you can put them on.

How to choose a men's watch for styling?

The watch is an addition to a very subtle outfit. It actually hides under the cuff, but when it slides out - it catches the eye. This is why it is important, by showed material status owner, his gust, but i style life. However, it also has to match the styling. It makes no sense to wear a sports watch with a suit. Even, if you are extravagant when it comes to fashion. Not everyone has to take it this way.

What watch to wear with a suit?

Simplified styling can be divided into official and casual. The first ones are definitely more demanding, standardized. For styling formal work best watches with a classic look on a leather strap. To, what is important in this case, is to match it with the rest of the leather elements of the outfit - both in color, and invoice. So the belt must be perfectly matched to the shoes, shit, briefcases. Thanks to this, the formality of the dress code will be maintained. Of course, the watch should also match the rest of the men's jewelry, so for cufflinks, belt buckles. Both are allowed in the official dress code silver, like and golden shades. Black is also often chosen. A chronograph watch can be worn with everyday suits.

What men's watch to wear every day?

You can afford a classic watch for everyday use, but you can also choose a larger model, having additional buttons on the dial, luminescent elements and additional functions. A watch for casual styling does not need a leather belt, it may be on a silver bracelet, cloth belt. At one time, rubber watches were popular, and today wooden watches are often chosen.

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