Women's blouses – how to choose them to your body shape?


The choice of women's blouses is huge. However, when standing in front of the mirror in the fitting room, it is often difficult to decide on the right model, because one blouse seems too tight, and the other too large. So how do you find a cut that fits your figure properly?, so as not to look like the proverbial meringue or like a sack, which makes our body a shapeless mass. You have to emphasize your strengths and hide the shortcomings of your figure.

Figure of the apple – blouses cut off under the bust

The figure of an apple is quite a problematic type of figure, we are dealing here with rather slim legs, worth emphasizing, as well as the heavy top of the figure, in which, however, the advantage is a large bust. In order to properly display the qualities of such a figure, it is necessary to choose a blouse cut under the bust, which one from here, widens downward. However, the cut is not everything, because the material is also important. It should not be heavy and dark. Better to put on a bright one, pastel colors, as well as opaque materials. So a layer of tulle will definitely not work. In general, in this case, blouses consisting of several layers should be avoided, while you can choose draped models with a pleat, of course, starting below the bust line. As you know, vertical stripes optically slimmer, so apart from the pleat, you can also choose such a pattern on the blouse. Of course, trousers or a skirt should match the blouse opposite, preferably with a higher status, so that nothing spills out to the sides.

Figure of a pear – the layers are for you

Women with a pear figure, or else the columns have a small bust, but solid thighs and buttocks. Therefore, unlike apples, they should not emphasize the thighs too much, choosing rather simple cuts of the legs, possibly expanding, like swedes or bells. In turn, the blouse should be as tight as possible, emphasizing the fine structure, however, to add some roundness to it, it is worth choosing Spanish blouses with a large frill around the bust, which optically enlarges it. You can also choose blouses that consist of several layers.

Hourglasses are definitely the easiest when it comes to choosing a blouse cut. They can choose both oversized models and then emphasize their round hips with trousers or skirts, or more fitted ones, for which both the expanding ones can choose, easy, and even matching trouser legs. Find a blouse that fits you onhttps://diversesystem.com/pl/ona/bluzki.

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