Rules for the selection of a bow tie

  • bow tie3Most notably, the bow tie goes well with a tuxedo shirt with a stand-up collar with raised corners.
  • You can also combine the bow tie with a traditional Kent collar, preferably using a simple bonding technique, because a classic bow tie is more suitable for a collar with raised horns.
  • Do not wear colorful tuxedo bow ties – it is no coincidence that they are called "day flies"”, Therefore, they cannot be an addition to a typical evening outfit.
  • To, do you look good in a bow tie, depends on your facial features and current fashion, as well as on clothes, you want to connect it with (goes well with a single or double-breasted suit, but not for all collar styles).
  • In any case, you must first of all be convinced, that wearing a bow tie as an accessory to your outfit is the right choice. You must feel at ease in it, dressed, not disguised.


  1. Hello,
    I would like to notice, that the shirt described as a tuxedo shirt is a tailcoat shirt. Currently, we wear a shirt with a covered collar with a tuxedo, the stand-up collar remains to the tailcoat. As a justification, I give the historical aspect – it developed in the 20th century. (Just look at the photos of the British royal family now (a bastion of classic male elegance) during evening meetings. ) and aesthetic – the black tie of the fly is very noticeable all over the collar.


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