What to look for when buying a men's suit?


A well-chosen suit should look like this, as if it were made to measure. Of course, does not mean it, that it should be so. First of all, it is about choosing the right style, color and size, and in a broader perspective also its character to the occasion, you want to put it on.

Types of suits distinguished according to their purpose

This is actually the most basic differentiation of suits with which we should start our search:

  • The first type of suit will beformal suit. Usually, a lot of men will need such a suit sooner or later, even if walking in a suit is eminently not their domain. Such a suit can be taken out of the wardrobe on the occasion of various important events and occasions. Visiting suits can be purchased in a two-piece or three-piece version. Two-piece suits are the most basic version, which consists of a jacket and trousers. This version can be extended with an additional vest.
  • A business suit is a special type of formal suit. It really is, this, what makes these two types different is their color scheme. A formal suit may be gray, navy blue, graphite, and for the most important and solemn circumstances- black. Black is unlikely to be used for business suits, much more often choosing a grenade.
  • Wedding suit- it can be additionally distinguished on the basis of the fact, that it can take many forms, so it can also be a frock coat or a tailcoat. In the case of such an exit as your own wedding, you can opt for classic black.
  • Sports suit with a less formal character- such a suit does not require any special occasion for this, to be able to wear it. At the same time, it is elegant, but not that much either, to feel bad in it and to be more relaxed. This suit will be perfect for a date or a party, we also have more freedom here when it comes to its cut. It can even be a corduroy suit or a suit with large pockets.

Types of suits due to their cut

Of course, the cut and cut of such a suit is also extremely important, because it affects it the most, how our silhouette will look like in it. Standard, We can choose between a slim suit and a classic suit. The former definitely beats records of popularity and is considered the most fashionable and modern. Thanks to the notch in the waist area, it makes, that the silhouette is slimmer, and the suit seems to fit better. The applied sash allows you to emphasize the shoulders and the chest, and two-button fastening on the front in the case of a jacket, additionally, it can mask any shortcomings of the figure. However, in the case of a classic suit, what characterizes it is a more loose and simple design, which may seem more convenient. Not sure, as to what cut we should choose, it's best to try on a few models that interest us. Let's remember, that if we want to buy our first suit, it should be as universal as possible.

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