Pants length from the suit – what it should be like?


The correct length of trousers from a suit is an issue that causes problems not only for men, who wear a suit occasionally on important occasions, but this problem can also be seen among the stars of show business and politicians.

Pants length from the suit – the most common mistake

Too long pants | Source: Flickr | License: CC BY SA 2.0

The most common mistake, which is committed in terms of the length of the pants from the suit are too long pants.

Too long pants create various kinds of harmonica and folds on the legs, resulting in an optically shorter silhouette and focusing the eyes in this place.

Pants should play an aesthetic role, and straighten the figure and slim it, and such shortcomings should not be distracting.

Pants length from the suit – important rule

The width of the trouser legs is a very important factor in determining the correct length of the pants. In the case of wider legs, the pants should be longer, and in the case of narrower ones – shorter. The pants should form the straightest line, and only the front are minimum permissible, naturally occurring folds.

Here's how this principle is realized among different traditions, which use different leg widths:

  • In the case of legs characteristic of European brands (20-22 cm) the leg should reach the middle of the upper back.
  • In the case of wide legs (24-26 cm), which are often used by Americans, the trousers should reach up to the heel and cover the shoe's lacing.
  • In the case of narrow legs (16-19 cm), which are characteristic of Italian fashion – pants should display shoes, and the bottom edge should only touch the edge of the shoe upper.

Pants length from the suit – summary

summarizing: In a standing position, the back leg should be smooth and form a uniform line on the hem.

Don't worry, that when you move the legs pull up and you can see the socks – it is a natural phenomenon.


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