5 the biggest fashion mistakes of Polish men


Although it is said, that Poles are famous for whining and complaining, it is in fact this way of approaching life to a greater or lesser extent in each country. In this article, we will not complain about how hopelessly Polish men are dressed, but we will pay attention to the biggest fashion mistakes, which make, that the creation looks simply terrible.

1. Clothes are too big

Back in the days when you were a child and your mother told you to wear larger clothes after your brother or she bought a bigger size with the thought that the child would grow up, this way of thinking was somehow justified, however, when we are adults and we choose our own clothes, buying ones that are too big is simply unacceptable. As I entered adulthood and started looking at what I was wearing, I noticed, that most of my clothes are too large, that's why it is worth paying attention to what size of clothes fits you best when trying on clothes.

2. No basics of neatness

When it comes to the lack of neatness, dirty shoes are the most common in this matter, and should therefore be emphasized, that many women pay a lot of attention to it. There are also dirty clothes in this matter, as well as un-ironed shirts.

3. Too long pants

Looking at the Polish streets, you can say, that most men wear pants that are too long, which makes the legs optically shorter. Frayed legs from shuffling on the sidewalk are a common sight. The appropriate length at which the pants should end is the height of the top edge of the shoe upper or slightly above it.

4. Wrong tie length

By default, the tie should reach the belt buckle and both too long, and a too short tie do not look very good.

5. Jacket sleeves too long

This is a mistake, which we can meet very often. Jacket sleeves that are too long are not aesthetically pleasing, and also prevent the shirt cuff from sticking out, which is the rule of good style.


If you go into detail you could find many more fashion bugs, but for those new to this topic I think this is a good list to start with.

I didn't mention the incredibly popular bug, that is, putting on socks with sandals, but this particular bug has become an icon of bad style and is perhaps most often raised in all kinds of media, so I allowed myself to skip it.

Write in the comments whether you manage to avoid the errors presented or whether you became aware of it thanks to this article, that you are making a mistake?


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