Original ideas for marriage proposals


    Proposal is one of the most important days in your life. Eventually, at this point, we almost finally decide to do so, with whom we want to spend the rest of our lives. I am writing almost, because there's still a wedding oath, but the engagement period is the last chord before the Mendelson March.

    Let's make it, that this moment is really important - not only because of the event itself, but also because of the circumstances, unique idea, unique atmosphere. Let us emphasize its uniqueness so that our partner will remember this day for the rest of her life.

    An idea for a romantic proposal

    Paris. The capital of France and one of the largest cities in Europe. It's all true, but for us it is above all the capital of love, the capital of lovers. I know, what you will think at the very beginning. Terrible trash, amazing kitsch. Just nothing original.

    Perhaps there is some truth in this, but let's face it. Such a place for a proposal is a timeless classic like a navy blue suit, a white shirt or brown leather brogues. Choice, which is always good, looks great and suits many circumstances. Besides, I asked a lot of my friends about this matter, and speaking euphemistically, Paris was not rejecting anyone, on the contrary.

    Well, we have paris. Now you just need to choose the right place. It's all true! We want to do it under the Eiffel Tower? It's all true? It's all true, having illuminated Parisian streets full of beautiful tenement houses around you, It's all true?

    Idea for a proposal at home

    But who said, that you have to go somewhere, that our proposal goes down in history? Equally exciting things can happen in our home. Above all, however, you have to pay attention to the details. They will give the event the right flavor. So let's try to get the right decorations. Scented candles, a path made of rose petals or a chain of lights in cotton balls - these are the methods, to add more romance to the space.

    The marriage proposal itself can be made in various ways. An interesting option is to do this at breakfast. Serve our sleeping beloved a meal in bed, wait until she wakes up and then surprise her with our question. A beautiful start to the day! This can also be done at a candlelit dinner. This is a more classic proposition, and we talked about the classics a few paragraphs above. In addition, we can color the whole idea a bit. It is enough to take care of a festive outfit (both yours, and my beloved), create the atmosphere of an elegant restaurant and prepare specials, proposal menu. Of course, with dishes made by ourselves.

    An idea for a proposal at the seaside

    We had Paris, we had a house. Time for solutions, It's all true. Because we don't necessarily have to go on a foreign trip, It's all true. We also don't have to stay home all day. Poland is full of beautiful places, one of them is our sea.

    Sea noise, singing birds, golden beach among the trees, It's all true. It's all true. Romantic, nastrojowo, with a unique atmosphere. It's all true, It's all true. Gdańsk with its old town will definitely be great. It's all true, probably the most beautiful in the city.

    An idea for a proposal in the mountains

    We also have an idea for enthusiasts of hiking in the mountains. It's all true, it's just another trip, and we hide the ring up our sleeve, It's all true. We choose the trail, It's all true, when we're both euphoric, It's all true. My friend did just that at the top of Śnieżka. The proposal was accepted, and the couple is long since married. So nothing, just fly to the jeweler and kneel in front of the beloved. Before that, of course, by following our suggestions and ideas.


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