How to care for ties


Ties, like all garments, also require proper care. A good tie is made of delicate and expensive fabric, and its interior hides a wear-sensitive insert, which can twist when treated improperly.


The most effective way to preserve the beauty of your tie is to avoid it getting dirty. So don't hesitate to protect your tie with a napkin during the meal as well, as much as possible. Let's not exaggerate, however, and let's not stick a napkin under our chin. Throwing the tie behind the back or hiding it behind the shirt is unacceptable. If we are prone to staining our clothes, it is better to decide to tie a bow tie. The flat bow under the chin creates far fewer opportunities for staining than a dangling tie If, ​​however, we have a mishap, we need to very carefully get rid of the stain, because no tie can stand frequent cleaning. Gently touch the dirty place with a cotton swab dipped in a stain remover. Before doing this, however, we need to check the color fastness of the tie material (in some invisible place). Also, never try to iron your tie with an iron. It will then look as if it came out of the mangle, because it will completely lose its convex form.

Removing the tie and its storage

Experts know, that frequent tying gradually destroys even the best ties. When taking off the tie, we also need to be careful with it. It is unacceptable to tear the tie from the neck with a sudden movement! It is also incorrect to partially loosen the loops and remove the tied tie over the head, and then hanging it on the back of the chair. With this method of storage, the insert hidden inside the tie becomes irreversibly deformed. Better to carefully untie the knot each time and hang the tie on the hanger or starting from the narrow end, roll the tie into a roll. Ties stored in this way can easily regenerate.


  1. Important article! I often have a problem myself, when I take the ties out of the box. However, I am afraid to clean myself and take them to the dry cleaner. This is also a good way, regards!


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